Port to Shelf Logistics, Shipping, Customs and Warehousing

The Northern Tier Advantage
Importers of consumer products are currently faced with the multifaceted logistical challenge of reducing inventory costs while improving supply chain optimization. To effectively meet the pricing and service demands of major retailers in today’s market, importers need to investigate Improving Supply Chain Strategy and Efficiency via the The Northern Tier Advantage.

The Green Gateway
For ports of origin as far south as Singapore, carbon emissions for cargo moving by ship to Puget Sound and by rail to a broad swath of the United States are lower than on routes through the Panama Canal, Savannah, Norfolk, New York and California. Seattle and Tacoma are closer to Asia than any other U.S. port, resulting in shorter ocean transit times and lower fuel consumption on the ocean leg of the journey. But there’s more to our strategy than geography.

Foreign Trade Zone

INCREASE SUPPLY CHAIN EFFICIENCY AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Foreign Trade Zones allow finished products to be imported at a lower duty rate.