Your Logistics Partner
Our Mission
“To provide customer-specific logistics solutions that are flexible and adaptable to today’s dynamic sales environment, and to be the strongest link in our customers’ supply chain by utilizing our vast knowledge in Warehousing, Distribution, Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding, Information Technology and Customer Service.”

-Robert Juranich, Owner Norvanco International

Supply Chain Management: The Norvanco Way

Norvanco International, a full-service outsourced logistics provider, understands there isn’t just one supply chain management program that fits all customers and is committed to providing specialized supply chain management innovations.

Each logistics management plan is custom-tailored to meet specific customer”s distribution needs. Our experienced staff listens to your requests and requirements to develop an effective, mutually beneficial supply-chain-management business plan – a plan built for success. Through outsourcing, you receive specialized retail distribution and efficient product handling.

Our logistics management team will revisit this process throughout the various stages of our working relationship to ensure your future logistics business requirements are always being planned for and addressed by innovative logistics solutions and/or to offer you the latest innovations in supply-chain management.

Outsourcing allows your company to focus on growing your business, developing your creativity, and focusing on what you do best.

Norvanco’s logistics operations group believes accepting you as a distribution client is a commitment to doing what we do best, the handling of your retail-goods from factory floor or port-of-entry to end recipient: business, retail shelf, or end consumer.

In a commoditized service area, we offer a different vendor – a distribution vendor that offers true port-to-shelf services. Norvanco International is an outsource service provider and logistics management company whose operations-fulfillment functions allow you to concentrate on growing your business while we attend to logistical operations and specialized retail distirbution, meeting and exceeding standards of performance in all critical logistical, operational areas.

We offer clients large and small the services of a diverse, talented logistics team that work as partners with you to facilitate an effective supply chain management business plan and continuous, error-free movement of goods from point of origin to end recipient: businesses, retailers, or end consumers.

Norvanco International offers a level of logistics-management service and performance that only thirty years experience in both import and domestic transactions and total mastery over essential logistics services can provide.

Let us show you the difference we can make.

In 1976, capitalizing on a surge in international shipping through the Pacific Northwest, Harry Norton and Dick Van Sant founded Norvanco as a Customhouse Brokerage operation to handle International Customhouse transactions moving through the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.

Air Transportation Enterprises was co-founded in 1978 by Robert Juranich, initially offering local cartage and air freight services in and out of Seattle. Common clients led to an ongoing relationship between the two companies. To meet common client needs, Air Trans expanded their business to include Warehouse and Distribution services that first year.

Keyed by a decision by Mr. Norton and Mr. Van Sant to retire, Air Trans was approached regarding its interest in acquiring Norvanco. The transaction closed in 1988, with the combined companies continuing in business as Norvanco with Mr. Juranich as the owner. In 1991 the company name was formally changed to Norvanco International to better reflect the global nature of the ongoing business.

Robert Juranich’s early career background in Information Systems and the needs of the new company drove a desire to make the electronic handling of data for the combined entity a core competency of the new company. This commitment to leading edge technology systems and applications has combined to create a competitive management edge for both Norvanco and its client companies.

For over thirty years Norvanco International has experienced steady growth and success as a supply chain management company and outsourced logistics provider that is the result of offering superior global logistics solutions to a diverse client base.