eVista Logistics Management

eVista is our web portal providing real-time visibility to our customers.

Detailed Inventory status and availability can be viewed or downloaded in .csv format to one or multiple email addresses with a simple click. Product flow is tracked through the warehouse by RF time-stamps and displayed in eVista showing exactly when product is received, put-away, picked and shipped. eVista also provides instant access to all critical documents. Selected documents such as Invoices, Non Negotiable receipts, Pick tickets, Packing slips and Signed Bills of Lading can be viewed, reprinted or emailed on demand.

Administrative privileges given to our customers allow for control and setup of users and user groups with unlimited or specific data viewing options. For example, Sales departments can view current inventory levels, pending and shipped orders, tracking information, and order detail. Operations can view all data areas related to pending inbound containers, inventory received, orders pending and shipped. IT staff and Customer Service can view all the above mentioned areas, with the addition of EDI transfers and status. Each user has the flexibility to view data grouped by selected fields for immediate on-screen ad-hoc reporting. Finance and senior management may have unlimited access to all information available.

Shipment Information Available:

  • Shipment information; model / item, quantity, vessel, container, ETA port
  • Date docked at port
  • Date into Norvanco facility
  • Date product unloaded and put in inventory

Inventory Information:

  • Total, damaged and allocated inventory numbers
  • Hold, committed or available status for each

Order Status Information:

  • Initial Order (Un-posted Withdrawal) – verified with valid models, addresses and carriers
  • Committed Order – verified and committed
  • Allocated Order – order in process
  • Shipped Order – order to carrier, tracking numbers / carrier pro-numbers shown

For more information on a successful program of vendor compliance and high velocity distribution with web based real-time visibility, send a message or call 253.987.4000


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