Logistics Information Technology (IT)

Norvanco International maintains a full-time, in-house IT staff proficient in C#, C++, C and Java, maximizing flexibility and real-time customer support for new EDI or XML implementation or mapping, existing EDI or XML maintenance, proprietary data exchange projects, customer support and support for eVista.

Accellos as WMS with Gentran by Sterling Commerce as mapping software is utilized to exchange Standard EDI. Accellos has been integrated across multiple systems and servers to achieve greater speed for order and package processing, electronic data interchange visibility over the web and automated reporting. Our systems have been designed to maximize flexibility in meeting varied client company needs. We have the in-house ability to develop new and / or modify existing programs to provide greater flexibility in data exchange, reporting and web-based visibility.

Operating servers from our Sumner, Washington corporate headquarters with data lines established between our various clients nationally, we receive all EDI transactions centrally, which are then filtered based on inventory criteria and routed to the correct location. We routinely manage multiple customer inventory portfolios with product set up at various unit levels.

For shipping small parcels Accellos has been integrated with ShippingLive!, a multi-carrier, small parcel manifest system that is electronically linked to major carriers including, but not limited to, UPS, FedEx and DHL. This system allows high volume, rapid order fulfillment capabilities with ability to process several thousand packages per day.

Norvanco clients have unlimited access to information on all aspects of their product and shipping activities through eVista.

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